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Special offers on G2-certified used cars in Cape Town

Quality and savings are both possible at Williams Hunt Cape Town, with specials on G2 Certified used cars. Enjoy the benefits of exceptional discounted prices and regular car specials, safe in the knowledge that each vehicle that is listed as one of our sought-after G2 specials has been submitted to a wide range of stringent quality tests, each of which is governed by strict standards underheld by General Motors South Africa.

If you have ever shopped around for good deals on used cars in Cape Town, you’ll know what a headache it can be. If you’re not an automotive professional, it can be hard to tell whether a second-hand vehicle is safe to buy or not. The G2 Certification Programme has been designed for the convenience of South African motorists and put in place to take the stress and worry out of purchasing previously owned vehicles. Our certified G2 bargains include Volkswagen specials and provide comprehensive protection against poor quality deals, allowing you more peace of mind than ever before during your car search.

Rigorous quality checks, combined with a number of other integrated features, provide a fool-proof system to identify and correct any issues that may arise even before purchase and continues to do so well after the initial sale. Adding even more value, our G2 vehicle specials give you the advantage of reduced prices on certified cars. Browse our current offers online, or visit our dealership in Cape Town to learn more about our current G2 car specials.

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