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OPEL SA Warranty

New Vehicle Warranty

If you’re looking for new vehicle warranty information, you have come to the right place. Every Opel and Chevrolet vehicle that is sold after 23 March 2009 comes with an Opel SA warranty that is valid for 5 years or 120, 000 kilometres (whichever comes first). Warranties begin from the date of first registration.

All new cars manufactured by Opel SA are protected by this warranty, which also covers all parts and approved car accessories that are free of defect in both material and operation within normal use. Opels' obligation is limited to the repair or replacement of any parts that are returned to approved dealerships within 5 years or 120, 000km from the start of the warranty. All replacements and repairs must be done by an authorised Opel SA dealer.

New Car Warranty Requirements

Make sure that you read through the new car warranty requirements below to understand what is covered, and what is not covered by the warranty. This warranty does not apply to any vehicle that has:

  • Not been serviced according to Opel SA recommended car service and maintenance schedules;
  • Been serviced or repaired by a non-authorised dealer;
  • Received accident, paint, corrosion and body repairs by a non-authorised Opel SA Body Repairer;
  • Been fitted with non-Opel SA parts;
  • Been exposed to abuse, neglect or accident damage;
  • Been used for rallying or racing;
  • Been modified to increase vehicle performance (includes the installation of performance microchips or similar modifications);
  • Been altered in any way that negatively affects performance and reliability.

Please also note that the Opel SA new vehicle warranty does not apply to routine maintenance and scheduled services, or replacement of service parts such as oil, belts, filters and spark plugs, or normal wear and tear and abuse of friction parts such as clutch and brake lining. Vehicles need to be carefully inspected for corrosion at every service interval. If such corrosion is noticed, repairs must be done within 30 days of such damage being detected, using authorised parts and panels.

The balance of the warranty will be transferred to new owner if the vehicle is sold, as long as the sale occurs within the5 year/120, 000km warranty.

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