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Vehicle Servicing

Why is it so important to get vehicle servicing from an approved Opel SA dealership? For starters, you get full peace of mind in knowing that authorised Opel SA workshops have the very best technicians, up-to-the-minute service technical info, cutting-edge equipment and diagnostic tools and plenty of experience in Opel and Chevrolet cars for sale. Unlike non-approved workshops, you can always be sure that your car will get the service it deserves.

As an authorised Opel SA dealer, Reeds Bellville offers a reliable, cost-effective solution that takes all the stress of out of vehicle servicing. We only use genuine Opel  parts that are made according to the highest quality standard, and fully tested. All of our parts come with a one year / unlimited kilometre warranty. To keep your car in optimal condition, it is essential to book a service according to recommended intervals – either by kilometre or duration, whichever comes first.

Opel and Chevrolet Service Intervals: 150, 00km or 12 months

For more information, contact Reeds Bellville or book a car service online for expert care that you can always trust.

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